Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I always love reading. Although the daily hectic life sometimes limits myself from reading a lot, but I would always try to squeeze some times to read. I love reading ever since I know how to when I was five or six. My mother; my 'MAMA'; would bring three of us at that time, to the district library during weekend and we would stay there reading for the whole day..I have had several other interests over the years, but reading is always there. Now I'm reading "The History of Malaysia", from outsiders' view. To refresh myself on the history of my country. The history provides you with thousand of years of gathered wisdom and experience to learn from. Hope to finish this book soon so I could begin to read others..

My Little Home

My Little Home is something I created just to express and share what I feel and thought, what is happening in my daily lives, what I've been up to; to capture the moments in life; through happiness & sadness; with family, relatives, friends, strangers..

My Little Home is where I could say and denote my view and opinion on issues & happenings around me, in my country and the world..from my own perspective, through My Little Home..