Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Year Resolution

Hi there..

I just completed listing down my 2013 New Year resolution, and now it is already end of February, haha! time flies, so fast..But I think there is no harm taking a little bit longer for the Resolution. It is better late than never..I did put a very deep thoughts about my Resolution. It will guide you through the year, focus on what you want to achieve, how you want to lead the year, reforming a good habit, lifestyle change, spiritual guidance..To me, the new year resolution is very important. What about you? And what is yours?

I envision my New Year Resolution in a creative power point presentation format, with a beautiful background, interesting photos..and it have a 'Rewards' column. I'll make sure I'll reward myself whenever any of the resolution is achieved. And the good thing is, all my resolutions, is Achievable, insyaAllah! So I'll surely be rewarded, ehem! Hence I would have a list of Rewards that I would get for myself..owh I feel sooo good..I think it should be the way. Why bother to make a Resolution when you think that it is not achievable? Am I right to say that?..

Dwell further into the Resolution, could you believe that it consist of resolution for the whole family? Haha..It is cut into portions of how the whole Family would want to reform on good habits, what my Hubby would want to achive (or is it what I want him to achieve?..mashaAllah, queen control??!! haha), what are the goals for the Kids, how do I want to lead my Career, our Financials, Investment Planning etc..

So, the Resolution is there, now is the time to implement it, exert, pursue, perform, accomplish, achieve, carrying it out, execute!!..Enjoy the journey, with the objective of Lillahita'ala..